Network - Sustain Nordic soil health (NetSH)

The goal of NetSH is to share knowledge on sustainable soil management. We will do so by facilitating knowledge exchange among Nordic researchers and by bridging gaps between research and practice on soil health

NetSH will focus on how to adapt soil management, plant production and organic matter amendment to improve and sustain soil health in Nordic agricultural soils. We will discuss the most relevant methods for soil health assessment and pinpoint strategies and tools farmers may use to improve and sustain soil structure, aggregate stability, and soil biology; all factors which are vital parts of soil health.

NetSH consists of 25 participants from Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden with different backgrounds and roles. NetSH includes scientists, disseminators, and agricultural advisers, all of whom work with soil in organic or conventional agricultural systems. In 2021 we will arrange a one-day online Workshop, managed by NORSØK. A partner from each country will give a presentation on successful strategies and tools used to improve soil structure/aggregation/biology in different soil types/climates and/or productions. The strategies and tools will be discussed and linked to relevant agricultural systems in each country. In 2022, we plan a physical meeting where we intend to summarize and present the best practises.

Participating stakeholders

Landbruk Nordvest, SEGES, ProAgria and Finnish Organic Farmers` Association.

Project details (1)

Project owner:NORSØK
Project coordinator:Reidun Pommeresche
Project staff NORSØK:Sissel Hansen, Tatiana Rittl, Kirsty McKinnon , Atle Wibe and Vegard Botterli
Project partners: Finnish Organic Research Institute (FORI), University of Aarhus (Aarhus UNI), Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO), Research Institute of Sweden (RISE), Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and University of Helsinki
Funding:Nordic Joint Committee of Agriculture and Food Research (NKJ)
Funding: Nordic Joint Committee of Agriculture and Food Research (NKJ)
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