Kystøkologi Blågrønt Samarbeid (Photo: Vegard Botterli)
(Photo: Vegard Botterli)

Creating synergies and added value between regional maritime and agricultural research environments

The goal of the project is to create synergies between the business community in Møre and Romsdal and regional maritime and agricultural research facilities, by bringing business and research closer together.

The project includes two subprojects. Project 1 aims to create sustainable management regimes that mitigate climate change and variation, and instigate changes that will adapt and improve existing conditions for sustainable use of the coastal eco-system.

Project 2 will map quantities and avaliability of residual raw materials within the maritime and agricultural value chains in Møre and Romsdal. To uncover potential resource utilization in the production of food, feed and fertilizer.

Project details (1)

Project owner:Møreforskning Ålesund AS
Project coordinator: Agnes Gundersen
Project staff NORSØK:Anne-Kristin Løes, Kristin Sørheim, Atle Wibe, Peggy Haugnes and Lovise Johannse Sæter
Project partners: Runde Miljøsenter AS and Møreforskning AS
Funding:Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune
Project period: