Low-grade wool in crop production – testing use of wool pellets as fertilizer

A lot of wool in Norway, especially from pigmented sheep, is downgraded. Often, this wool is discarded or burned. Wool contains nutrients and can therefore be used as a fertilizer.

The project aims to increase the value of downgraded wool by using it as a fertilizer. From the perspective of sustainability and as a strategy for increased circularity there are good arguments for recycling low-grade wool back to the soil.

Wool degrades rather quickly when added to the soil, and can basically be used raw as a soil conditioner or a fertilizer. However, wool pellets are easier to deal with both as a commodity and in practical use. There is an increasing demand for easy-to-handle fertilizer products in kitchen gardens, school gardens, CSAs and market gardens. Wool pellets could be a good alternative.

In this project we will test wool pellets on grassland, in pot-flower and tomato production, and in addition study biodegradation and nutrient release over time.

Project details (1)

Project number:RFF 326623
Project coordinator:Kirsty McKinnon
Project staff NORSØK:Anne-Kristin Løes
Project partners: Kvalsund Gartneri, Ull-dorado, Tingvoll Ull and Norilia AS
Funding: RFF Møre og Romsdal
Project period: