Fjell Foto Kristin Sørheim (Photo: Kristin Sørheim)
(Photo: Kristin Sørheim)

A New Look at the Utilization of Outfield Resources

Developing sustainable value creation in World Heritage Sites and other areas with an underutilized potential of their outfield resources.

The main objective is to take a new look at the potential values of outfield resources through new forms of cooperation between primary and other industries and by exploring new business models.

  • Sub-objective 1: Assess and prioritize research needs
  • Sub-objective 2: Develop knowledge of sustainable business models.
  • Sub-objective 3: Position the project network for a more comprehensive research project utilizing the knowledge established in the current study.

The project will study and discuss possibilities and challenges linked to value creation based on various ecosystem services in the farming landscape, including food production (grazing animal species, stocking rate/grazing pressure, grazing management systems, animal health and animal behaviour) and tourism. Important criteria for this study include effects on GHG emissions, ecological footprint, new management model development, local population involvement, brand development, and biodiversity protection. The project will also explore ways to utilize and develop geospatial data that can be used to support a more ecosystem-based management of outfield resources.

Project details (1)

Project number:NFR 275574
Project owner:NORSØK
Project coordinator:Kristin Sørheim
Project staff NORSØK:Rose Bergslid and Liv Solemdal
Project partners: NIBIO, Møreforsking, NTNU, The Norwegian University College for Agriculture and Rural Development (HLB) and Word Heritage West Norwegian Fiords
Funding:Research Council of Norway, Miljøforsk
Project period: