Transportation of compressed raw biogas

This project will assess the profitability and feasibility of compressing biogass from distributed plants for further upgrading at centralized upgrading plants. If viable, this could help realize local or a regional facility for biogas, where 10-20,000 tonnes are treated together with fish waste and other industrial waste if converted into biogas.

As of today, small scale biogas upgrading plants are not profitable. This project will test if it is profitable and possible to collect and compress biogas directly from disitributed plants and transport it to larger upgrading plants, such as EcoPro in Verdal. The project will be divided into three parts. A survey of three cases will be carried out, clarifying possible gas production, the composition of the gas, variation in gas production, logistics and other relevant local conditions. Svanem Biogass at Hellandsjøen and Biogass Møre in Ålesund participate in the project. In addition, we want study a case related to the region Innherred with closer connection to Mære agricultural school.

The technical assessment will consist of a scope analysis to decided which elements are to be included in a cost estimate. Here, both physical needs and technical solutions at the production site, for transport and at the upgrade facility will be mapped. A cost estimate for investment and operating costs will then be carried out on the basis of the scope analysis and data obtained from the various cases. SINTEF Tel-tek will perform the feasibility study based on their database for early-stage cost estimation built up over several years.

Project details (1)

Project owner:Mære kandbruksskole
Project coordinator:Ingvar Kvande
Project partners: Biogass Møre, Svanem Biogas Holding LTD, SINTEF tel-tek, Vestfjorden Avløpsselskap (VÈAS) and Ecopro AS
Funding:Innovasjon Norge
Project period: