Establishing a competance hub for biogas for supporting regional actors that give advice on building and operating biogas plants for agricultural industry.

There is a growing interest for biogas in Norway. One of the measures to reduce emissions from agriculture is to establish more biogas plants based on livestock manure. There is therefore an increasing need for improved advisory services, in this case this will be realised in a collaboration with Norges Vel and Norsk Landbruksrådgivning (NLR).

The aim of the project is to establish a national competence hub for biogas with livestock manure as substrate, with special focus on extracting and coordinating updated knowledge from actors who have designed and built facilities, as well as from the partners own consultancy work. The project will study both farm facilities and larger facilities based on livestock manure. The goal is that the work will provide advisers in NLR with the knowledge needed to make good assessments and contribute to the realization of biogas plants in their region.

  • Landbruk Nordvest and NORSØK will collaborate on the coordination of knowledge to establish the competence hub for biogas.
  • Landbruk Nordvest currently advice farmers who evaluate biogas for their own farm and will with his portfolio contribute updated and relevant information that can be used for the development of design tools and training of advisors in NLR.
  • NLR will have the main responsibility for contact with farmers, and future daily operation of the advisory service.
  • Norges Vel will be responsible for coordinating the projects during the project period, collecting information and developing, testing and evaluating tools for the use of the advisory service with respect to solar energy, wood chips plants and energy saving, and further developing courses on biogas with the farmers as the target group.

Project details (1)

Project owner:Norsk Landbruksrådgivning, Norges vel, NORSØK
Project coordinator:Ingvar Kvande
Project staff NORSØK:Lovise Johannse Sæter
Project partners: Norwegian Agricultural Extension Service and Landbruk Nordvest
Funding:The Norwegian Directorate of Agriculture, Møre og Romsdal County Municipality, Agriculture Northwest, Norwegian Agricultural Advisory Service, Norges Vel
Project period: