Sigbjørn Drøpping Og Ingvar Kvande Foto Al (Photo: Anita Land)
(Photo: Anita Land)

Renewable energy plant engineering support

This project aims to provide support for farmers that want to investigate the possibilites for on-farm renewable energy production.

There is a relatively large difference in the energy utilisation and energy need among farms and it is still somewhat challenging to evaluate the technology and solutions that the suppliers offer. A detailed overview of the farm properties, its energy use and future energy demand is a necessary foundation for realizing robust and efficient plants. The project covers support in the phase from idea to application for plant- or project-funds.
The project goals; realization of robust and efficient solar-cell, biogas and wood-chip plants. In addition the project aims to develop a tool to gather and structure information about the farm, energy use an future demand as well as electricity infrastructure.

Project details (1)

Project owner:NORSØK
Project coordinator:Ingvar Kvande
Funding:Møre og Romsdal Fylkeskommune
Project period: