4001  Foto  Mona  Ringnes Og  Reidun  Pommersche (Photo: Mona Ringnes og Reidun Pommersche)
(Photo: Mona Ringnes og Reidun Pommersche)

Pioneering the Focus on Soil Management and Soil Structure

The «Living Soil» project aims to inspire and share experience and knowledge about the soil; with a specific focus on soil biology, ecology and sustainability.

After witnessing increasing soil compaction, decreasing soil organic matter content, deteriorating soil crumb structure and declining yields, the Department of Agriculture in Buskerud County applied and was granted funds for the project ”Living Soil” in 2010, see  . The main project goal is to contribute to sustainable, healthy and increasing organic food production by stimulating soil biodiversity and building up the soil’s organic matter content.

Project details (1)

Project owner:Buskerud County Department of Agriculture
Project coordinator: Øystein Haugerud
Project staff NORSØK:Reidun Pommeresche
Project partners: Vital Analyse, Lindum AS and several farmers
Funding:Norwegian Agricultural Agency
Project period: