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49378679616 1c6efe9f49 k (Photo: Birgitta Eva Hollander, Debio.)

Webinars for new users and new use in organic farming

- Webinars for farmers considering conversion to organic farming

The market for organic products is increasing, but so might the amount of Norwegian producers and their network could then be enriched. The project addresses new farmers and conveys knowledge about livstock and plant production.

In Europe the market for organic products increases and so do the claims to organic production according to the organic principles. Norwegian organic market has as well increased with few exceptions. Some is sold via alternative channels where one has less overview. In Norway may lack of motivation to convert to organic farming be connected to cultivation challenges or missing connection to fellows having same intention for their production.

The project will:

  • motivate and recruit to organic farming
  • raise the level for knowledge, quality and sale
  • create network among producers in the start-up- phase and assist them



The project will offer webinars and gathering. The participating farmers may speak up their interests and needs in order to give priority to this. First part of webinars may concern:

  • Why and how organic?
  • Plant production (cereal, potato, vegetables, fruit og berries)
  • Soil quality and plant nutrition
  • Crop rotation
  • Plant protection
  • Livestock
  • Animal welfare
  • Grazing and fodder
  • Marketing and processing

The gathering will be for two days and will include visit to inspiration-farmers from “Landbrukets ØKOLØFT”, thematic lectures and discussions.


NORSØK, Økologisk Norge og Norsk Landbruksrådgiving (NLR) cooperate about the project. They have hold webinars and courses around the subject before. NLR offers advises before, during and after conversion to organic farming.

The cooperation is aligned with the national strategy toward organic farming which emphasizes:

  • Knowledge and competence
  • Facilitation of organic production
  • Development of effective value chains
Project number:Landbruksdirektoratet Nasjonale tilretteleggingsmidler referanse 2022/75014, Agros 209868
Project coordinator:Susanne Friis Pedersen
Project staff NORSØK:Grete Lene Serikstad, Kirsty McKinnon, Martha Ebbesvik, Reidun Pommeresche, Kristin Sørheim, Berit Blomstrand and Vegard Botterli
Project partners: Organic NORWAY and Norwegian Agricultural Extension Service
Funding: Directorate of Agriculture
Project period:

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