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JordBio – Enhancing soil life and improving soil structure on grassland

The project aims to develop a learning package for use on three one-day courses about the visual assessment of soil biota and soil structure. The courses will be held for farmers in Tingvoll (2017), Trøndelag and Rogaland (both in 2018). The learning package will be made available online.

In the project, a demonstration plot will be established to study root development and soil biology in Tingvoll in spring 2016. The aim is to improve soil structure and increase yields on organic and conventional grassland and pastures. The plot will be established after ploughing under a grass ley to show soil structure, soil biology, plant root development and root types over a period of several years. We will use green manure crops (vetches, clovers, phacelia), as well as deep-rooted crops that loosen the soil (alfalfa, chicory, clovers, various grasses, barley). Annual and perennial species will be sown. Plants will also be sown in double pots to test the possibility of developing a mobile demonstrational facility. Soil from the trial plots, as well as samples from spade diagnoses (soil and roots) taken on grassland at other sites, will be used to develop guidelines for the visual assessment of soil structure and soil biota on grasslands. We will also use direct seeding into an established grassland at two sites.

The project will emphasize knowledge dissemination, and important product deliverables thus include courses, visual assessment keys and guidance material.

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Project number:3041 JordBio
Project owner:Norwegian Centre for Organic Agriculture
Project coordinator:Reidun Pommeresche
Project staff NORSØK:Reidun Pommeresche
Project partners: Landbruk Nordvest
Funding:Matmerk, Kompetanseutviklingsprogrammet i Landbruket (KIL) (Capacity Development Programme in Agriculture)
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