Fundament for vindmølle, Tingvoll gard, 16. juni 2015
Fundament for vindmølle, Tingvoll gard, 16. juni 2015

New Solutions – Renewable Energy "RenEnergi"

The project will establish a complete energy supply system that will integrate small-scale solar, hydro, wind and bioenergy components. This compound system will function as a research and demonstration plant, scaled to fit on Norwegian farms or other smaller operations.

The project’s goal is to study the potental for more decentralized energy production and supply, in terms of GHG emissions, increased share of renewable energy and economics. The already existing energy systems on the Tingvoll farm/Tingvoll Solar and Bioenergy Centre are to be integrated with a farm wind turbine, a water turbine, and perhaps a new solar energy plant. On the Tingvoll farm, there is already a solar energy plant, a combined heat and power biogas plant and a woodchip-burning plant. The pilot plant is to be used to study technical and organizational challenges and to assess the potential for establishing power plants based on a mix of wind, hydro, solar and bioenergy on Norwegian farms.

Project details (1)

Project number:2014-0151
Project coordinator:Ingvar Kvande
Project staff NORSØK:Kristin Sørheim and Martha Olivia Ebbesvik
Project partners: Trønderenergi AS, Nordmøre energiverk AS, Istad AS, Tower Bridge Ventures Limited (UK), Runde Miljøsenter AS, NIBIO and Tingvoll sol- og bioenergisenter